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Sportstar College Ikast-Brande is an offer for the greatest talents in a number of Denmark's most widespread sports. Sportstar College is for you who want something with your sport, and for you who are turned on by the idea of ​​developing yourself in an elite environment surrounded by a city with a long tradition of top sports. The unique thing about Sportstar College Ikast-Brande is the presence of as many as seven sports under one roof.

The goal is that the synergies, inspiration, knowledge sharing, professional exchanges of experience, and the common joy of sports together create one of the country's most coveted sports environments. At the same time, you get an education at either high school or business high school and offer advice and guidance in the personal and individual planning of exactly your career.

Sportstar College is led by Karsten Werge. An experienced and respected leader who describes the leadership position as "his dream job." Karsten Werge, who is a trained educator, comes with years of experience from working with young people and a wide range of positions of trust from the world of sports, including the job as integration and education manager in FC Midtjylland's talent department with main responsibility for the club's African players. “It is an exciting and challenging task to unite seven very different sports at a College, where people with roots in individual sports such as golf, badminton, and cycling must interact and inspire young people from team sports such as football, volleyball, and handball, ”says Karsten Werge.


Sportstar College Ikast-Brande was built and inaugurated in July 2008. The college consists of 4 student wings with a total of 120 rooms and the Ege-HUSET (a large common house), with kitchen, dining room, living room, classrooms and meeting rooms, laundry facilities, and administration.

The training for the cycling line takes place primarily on the country roads in Central Jutland, as well as in the newly renovated halls in Sportscenter Ikast. Here you will also find a modern strength training center that can be used by all Sportstar College students.
Sportstar College also collaborates with ISI - Idrætsskolerne Ikast, Ikast Svømmecenter, and one of the city's modern strength training centers.

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Daily rhythm

The daily rhythm of Sportstar College is always changing. Depending on what education you go to and depending on what sport you practice, your schedule will vary from day to day.

But the scheme gives an overview of what a general week looks like at Sportstar College and can help to give you an idea of ​​how we have chosen to organize everyday life.

As mentioned, there are different training times for individual sports in the afternoon and evening. If you need more detailed information about your particular sport, you can find more information under the sports' own pages. You are also very welcome to contact the line manager coach. You will find the name of the contact person under the line sports page.

In the evening there is the opportunity to participate in various activities such as. pool, swimming pool, cinema trip or a trip to see the local heroes in handball, football, badminton, etc.

College-Night is various events that take place at College. Topics can range from entertainment to tuition and group trips.
There will be some events where it is voluntary to participate and there will be some college nights where there is compulsory attendance.





If you live in Sportstar College

You must pay a lump sum of DKK 5,500 as a registration fee. We do not use a deposit, but a registration fee which we use for maintenance and student events during your stay at Sportstar College.

You can choose to apply to live in a single room every 3 years and pay DKK 5,600 per person. month. The price covers rent with consumption, internet, as well as food morning/lunch packing buffet and dinner.

You can also choose to stay in a double room and then you have to pay DKK 4,450 per person. month. Sportstar College recommends taking the first year in a double room.

If you live at home

Students living at home pay a lump sum of DKK 3,500 in registration fees.
You must pay DKK 1,135 per. month as a local college student.

However, IBG Football College has a special offer for the students who go to IBG Football College and Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, where they are only part of the morning training at IBG Football College. For more information contact college.

Line-specific supplements
Golf students must also pay a training fee of DKK 2,350 per month which covers expenses for individual training etc. however, not the month of July.
Football, handball, badminton, cycling, and volleyball all have an extra charge on a contingent from the clubs. In addition, there may be a deductible for training camps or the like.

A little more about the registration fee and the college fees
The registration fee is a lump sum paid before starting at Sportstar College. The registration fee replaces a deposit as you know it from housing associations. We take care of ordinary repairs and maintenance of rooms in the form of light bulbs etc. In the event of relocations, the room is left in the same condition as it is taken over.

All students receive a starter pack with a clothing package, College student card, wash card, keys, and key chip.
Intro courses and special events (eg football golf, lectures, college evenings, and barbecue events) are also part of the fee.

College fees are paid monthly in advance. They cover housing (not home residents) incl. consumption, internet connection, TV signal in the room, full board (not living at home), college training, shared facilities, and college tuition.

If the college stay is interrupted prematurely, 3 months' notice is calculated for all conditions.

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To apply for Sportstar College you will have to download our application and send it to us by e-mail at
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We at Sportstar College are looking forward to getting your application.

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